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A cute kitten is roaming around the countryside but suddenly ends up falling into a river. Luckily, the kitten falls on a floating lily leaf, but it’s being violently dragged by the current. If the poor kitten hits any part of the river shore, it will DIE, since cats lose their powers while in water and no longer have 7 lives. You are the only hope for this innocent creature to survive. You can guide the kitten using your phone, tilting it away to direct it through a safe path. The kitten needs to collect all the gems from the river in order to be able to pass the waterfall that leads into the next level, but it needs to do it before the time limit is up.


The main objective of the game is to help the kitten get through the river without hitting any part of the river shore. You can control the kitten’s movements, by tilting your phone left, right, up or down. To pass the level, you need to collect all gemstones in the river surface before the time’s up.

  • The game starts with the kitten already in the river. As it goes through, it has to avoid hitting any part of the river shore.
  • If the kitten hits any part of the river shore, it dies.
  • As the kitten goes through the river, the score is going to progressively increase by one after certain distances have been covered. Each time the kitten collects a gem, the score increases by 10.
  • The level is passed when the player collects all gems and passes through the waterfall. When all the gems are collected, the waterfall at the end of the river will let the kitten through, otherwise, it will block it.
  • There’s a different time limit for each level. If the time ends before the kitten is able to go through the waterfall, it dies.

Power ups

Power ups are a way to enhance your game play. There are power ups that will make your game a little easier, while others will make you look cooler. You can purchase them through the store using yarns.


You can get extra score points or yarns depending on the time it takes you to finish a level. These rewards are given according to the following:

  • If you only use 75% of the total time limit for the level, you’ll get 5 yarns and 10 extra score points.
  • If you use 50% of the total time limit for the level, you’ll get 15 yarns and 20 extra score points.
  • When you use 40% of the total time limit for the level, you’ll get 30 yarns and 30 extra score points.


What platforms is this game available for?

After the game is released, it will only be available for android through the google play store. We plan on making an iOS release in the future.

When will this game be released?

We are aiming for Dec 2019 or Jan 2020.

Which languages will this game be available for?

For now, it will only be available in English and Spanish, but we plan to add more languages as the game grows.

What are Yarns?

Yarns are the currency of the game. You get yarns either through game play or by purchasing it with real money.

Who would make a currency out of yarns, are you insane?

Some people would say i am, i mean we.

Do i need an internet connection to play this game?

You can play the game without an internet connection, but if you want access to leader boards, achievements, and be able to recover your game state if you change your phone, then you’ll need to sign in with your google play account. The sign up itself requires an internet connection, but afterwards you’ll be able to play offline. The state will automatically sync the next time you are online.

Is this game free?

Absolutely! The game is free to play, and you are given the option to pay a very small amount in order to get rid of ads.

I think this cat suffers a lot, do you support animal cruelty?

Absolutely not! we adore cats and all living creatures, but sometimes life is cruel. It is what it is, i guess.


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